Melissa & Paul :: 11.11.11 :: Monmouth Beach, NJ Wedding

It was a beautiful November day, with a gorgeous Bride, an adorable flower girl and a handsome Groom.

Melissa and Paul didn't want to miss that heart-dropping moment when the doors open and the first glance of each other takes your breath away .... when the short walk to your awaiting Groom seems to take hours instead of minutes ..... when you are so overwhelmed with emotions you're not sure if you should be crying or laughing ... it's an amazing moment. 

Even though I was a little worried about not having daylight after the ceremony, I was not going to take that moment away from them. I knew there was a slim chance of having any daylight left after their ceremony, but we went with it. And I don't think that it could have turned out any better. The lighting in the afternoon was absolutely stunning and the three minutes that we had with the Bride and Groom outside after the ceremony (as the sun was quickly disappearing) was perfect!!

Shealyn, Melissa's daughter, was the star of the show and certainly didn't miss one moment with her Mom.  She was beyond excited to be apart of the day and to spend it alongside her two favorite people in the world.

Melissa and Paul have that unspoken love about them, the silent kind. The kind that you don't need to direct them, they just naturally fall into place around each other. And the love that they share for Shealyn is enormous and radiated throughout the entire day. 

Congratulations to Melissa, Paul & Shealyn on a wonderful wedding and beautiful marriage!!!

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