Sarah & Alun :: Harbour Island Wedding - Pink Sands Resort :: Destination Wedding

Harbour Island never seems to disappoint.  Add a fabulous bride and groom coupled with the gorgeous talent of Ben Simmons & Charlotte Phelan of Little Island Design and you just can't go wrong!!

You know I always say, everything happens for a reason. It does!! The world seriously works in mysterious ways!! Unknowingly, Jacqui (my second shooter & side kick) and I happened to share a horrific plane ride down to Harbour Island with Sarah and Alun last year. Full on, cabin filled with smoke, right engine was smoking and stalled!! With a total of maybe 20 passengers aboard this little puddle jumper, we were left to think that this was it ... this was the end!! Luckily, it was not!! It wasn't until a few weeks later when I met with Sarah and Alun in Chicago (of all places - of course they live in Chicago) to discuss me documenting their wedding on Harbour Island, that we realized we shared that same horrific flight. Proof!! Our paths were meant to cross and I can't be happier that they did. 

We had such an amazing time photographing Sarah & Alun's wedding!! The weather was perfect the details were plentiful and the love was abundant. 

Thursday night they held their "Meet & Greet" at The Landing. A place I highly recommend to have some cocktails and dinner at, if you are ever to vist Harbour Island. Their food is to die for! The party continued Friday evening with a beach dinner on the beautiful and infamous pinks sands.

Saturday, their ceremony was held at Bimini Cottage, a private bungalow on the gorgeous Pink Sands Resort.  I can't say enough good things about Pink Sands. The staff are amazing and so helpful, their rooms/bungalows are private and perfect in every way!! The celebration then continued to the Blue Bar, a gorgeous open ocean side venue. With blue walls and the stars above, it was the perfect compliment to Sarah's delicate pink peonies!! 

We ended our journey with a little Day After Session and toured the island and all the special places we weren't able to get to on their wedding day. 

Congratulations to Sarah and Alun!!! Thank you for allowing Jacqui and I to be a part of your wedding day!!!


Location: Harbour Island, Bahamas
Meet & Greet: The Landing
Ceremony: Bimini Cottage - Pink Sands Resort - Molly Osendorf
Reception: Blue Bar - Pink Sands - Molly Osendorf
Floral Design: Little Island Design - Ben Simmons
Event Designer: Little Island Design - Ben Simmons
Invitations: DBY Events & Invitations 

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