Engagement Session GIVEAWAY Winners!! :: NJ Wedding Photographer

I am proud to announce Camila and Jeffrey as the winners of the Engagement Session GIVEAWAY !!!!

When I first read Camila's story it truly touched my heart.  The power of the world and fate never seizes to amaze me. How it can be that two people from not only different cultures but from two entirely different countries can find each other and come to be soul mates astonishes me. It makes me truly believe in the saying "what is meant to be, will be"

      Camila is from Brazil and has always wanted to experience living in a different country. (A woman after my own heart)  Since she studied German in school she attempted to travel to Germany several times. However, it never worked out. (This would be the little thing called 'fate' working its magic)

Following in a friend's footsteps Camila applied to become an Au Pair here in the US. 

      "Many of my friends told me this was the best option for someone who wants to have a great experience as student exchange and really learn the language and culture."

     After about 6 months of English classes in Brazil, she traveled to the US and was set up with a family in Ohio. For those of us that have lived abroad know, taking classes in your home country for a foreign language is nearly useless. The language and knowledge you learn abroad in six months is uncompariable to what you learn in a class room setting at 'home' in 6 months. Needless to say, the first few months of Camila living in Ohio was not the greatest experience. On top of the language barrier, the host family she was set up with was not the greatest situation for Camila. (There is fate working its magic again)

    Eventually, she had been paired with a family from Raleigh, NC, with whom she is still working for.  It was this family that changed the course of Camila's life forever. 

    Jeffrey, her fiancĂ©, is a cousin to Camila's host mother.  On Thanksgiving, Camila's host mother had invited family from NJ over, including Jeffrey. Although Camila didn't know at the time, her host family was secretly working to get Jeffery and Camila to date. 

       "They introduced us, but we didn’t talk much. First, because I still have difficult with the language and because I was kind of concerned with involving myself with someone in the family."

    After the family holiday Jeffrey and Camila exchanged emails and continued e-mailing each other for months. E-mails led to visits .... which led to dating ... which led to a proposal on April 6th.

    Camila still lives in North Carolina with her host family and Jeffrey still lives in NJ. As man of us know, I included, long distant relationships are not easy. However, this relationship is here to last. 

       "I'm going to change all my life to started a new life next to him, I'll leave my country, my family, my friends in Brazil to be here with him, because when you find your love you do everything to make this happen."


I am so pleased and honored for Camila to have shared this story with me. I hope that you have found their love story as incredible as I have. I can not wait to officially meet them both!!



I would also like to acknowledge the couple that was a very close second!!

Lauren and Carson.

Lauren and Carson got engagement in Hawaii. Lauren shared a very cute and funny story about their last day in there. 

They had rented a car to drive the famous "Road to Hana". Nearing the end of their nerve-racking journey, they found themselves on a 7 mile dirt road. In the middle of the 7 mile trek a herd of stray cows decided to cross the street. On any "normal" day this wouldn't be a problem. Just wait for the cows to cross, right?!?! No, not this day. One of the cows decided to sit in the middle of the road right in front of Carson and Lauren's rental car!! There really is no moving a cow, so they just had to wait. Eventually she did move and Carson and Lauren continued their trek home.

For sharing their lovely story with me, I am giving Lauren and Carson a $100 credit towards an engagement session. 


Thank you for all that have participated. I have greatly enjoyed hearing from you and reading your stories!!! 

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Theresa & Anthony :: Engaged :: Hoboken, NJ

I could have asked for better weather, but I could not have asked for a better couple or location.

Theresa and Anthony shined during their engagement session this past Sunday, one of the gloomiest days that we have had this spring. 

I could say more . . .  but I'll allow the photos to tell this story . . . 

Thank You for putting a smile on my face and brightening up my weekend! 

I can not wait for your wedding!!

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Liz and Colin :: Engaged :: NJ Wedding Photographer

You know what I love?? I love when photo sessions become a laid back evening of just hanging out and shooting. That is just how this engagement session went with Liz and Colin, a fabulous couple from Pennsylvania. We hit the Seaside boardwalk for a couple hours and later to Seaside Park for some quiet beach time. We had so much fun!!

Liz grew up at the Jersey Shore and Colin just outside of Chicago. Yet, that crazy little thing called 'fate' worked it's magic and after graduating from different colleges their paths crossed in Pennsylvania. Colin was working at Penn State coaching the men's volleyball team, nearly six months later Liz began coaching for the swim team. The rest is history . . .

It was so great to have a couple that were so comfortable and in love with each 
other that I was able to allow them … to be them ….

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Engagement Session GIVEAWAY!!! :: Jenelle Kappe Photography

Friends ... Fans ... Family ... and  beyond, 

I would like to announce my very first Engagement Session GIVEAWAY!!

One VERY lucky couple will receive a FREE engagement session with Jenelle Kappe Photography.

Please Spread the Word to All those Happily Engaged Couples Out There!!

Contact me info@jenellekappeweddings.com with any questions/concerns!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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