Nicole & Kyle ~ 9.25.2010 ~ Garden State Arts Center ~ Monmouth County Wedding Photographer

The unique and seldom used Enchanted Forest of the Garden State Arts Center served as the backdrop as Nicole and Kyle exchanged personal written vows in front of close friends and family members Saturday evening. 

Kyle in is the Navy and a good portion of their relationship is spent apart. However, I witnessed a dedication and love that I have no doubt will keep them together forever. 
Speaking from personal experience, I know that long-distant relationships are not easy. Yet, it was inspirational and encouraging that even I, as an outsider - not knowing either of them for very long, could see the enduring bond between them. Proving that, even though it may not always be easy, it's worth it.

I am very happy to have been a part of Nicole & Kyle's wedding. Congratulations to the two of you!!

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