Coco & Ryan :: Harbour Island, Bahamas :: June 11, 2011

One could not have asked for a better backdrop . . . . . 

One could also not have asked for better weather . . . . 

I could not have asked for a better, more perfect bride. 

Coco has a shimmering aura that envelops all that surround her. Her continuous smile and endless giggles are contagious and bring rapid recall of those carefree days when simple pleasures took precedence over life's challenges.  Ryan is one of the kindest people that I have ever met. Ever supportive of Coco's vibrant energy and spirit, he has developed quite the finesse at gently balancing her wings so she can fly unencumbered, yet always land safely! They are undeniably a perfect match for each other. Together, they not only share a deep passion and love for one another, but they also support each other in so many ways.

Simply thinking back on Coco and Ryan’s wedding extravaganza puts a smile on my face. Editing and toning their images this past week has given me the glow that wedding photographers crave from the moment they meet their bride and groom to be. It’s indescribable.

Their wedding celebration was Unique. Gorgeous. Spectacular. 

The time that we spent with Coco and Ryan, capturing every moment of their wedding celebration, was unforgettable. They were fascinating to photograph and fabulous to be around. Everything about the event was so incredible it leaves me speechless...except to be described in Coco’s words, "SMASHING!!"

I am beyond grateful to both Coco and Ryan and their families for allowing me to share my talent and document this once in a lifetime celebration for them.

Thank You. 

I hope that you enjoy . . . 

I would like to make a special Thank You to Jacqui, who second shot for me and did a fantabulous job, and Dan, for being a wonderful assistant, golf-cart chauffeur,  and guard to our equipment. 
I could not have done it without the two of you. Thank You!!

Coco is an INCREDIBLE vintage jewelry designer. Please check out her collections. 

Location: Harbour Island, Bahamas

Cocktails/Dance Party: Runway Hill

Ladies Brunch: The Dunmore

Rehearsal Dinner: Pink Sands

Jewelry: Cocotay

Wedding Planner: Ben Simmons at Little Island Design

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  1. Wow. Jenelle...these are incredible. The vibrant colors are so beautiful. Now this is the way to plan a wedding! Amazing.

  2. beautiful words. beautiful photos...beautiful bride, and yes, her smile/happiness is so contagious! wonderful job :)

  3. Really beautiful photos! yes the backdrop was awesome, but it also takes a great photographer to know how to capture the moments!

  4. Jenelle - you have outdone yourself! These photos are as stunning :) You truly have a wonderful gift and bring out something magical! Beautiful job!

  5. Thank You Ladies for all of your kinda words!!!