Kristen + Chris :: Molly Pitcher - Red Bank, NJ :: Wedding

Family (and spending time with family) has become increasingly important to me. Be it due to getting "older" or the immense growth of my sentimental side lately, I am not sure. But it seems the most recent weddings I have been a part of,  have also grown in their emphasis on family and sentimentality. It could be just that my eyes and heart are more aware and conscience of their existence, but I don't feel that the exact reason is of importance. I do know, however, that when a wedding exemplifies sentimental family value - it hits my heart ... hard. 

I'd have to say, my heart was hit pretty hard at Kristen & Chris' wedding. It was un-deniable how important Kristen's family is to her. She had her mother by her side the entire morning while getting ready, her father by her side as she walked down the aisle and her brother by her side as she married the love of her life. 

The most memorable moment, for me, was right before Chris saw Kristen for the first time. I returned after chatting with Chris, to witness shared joyful tears between Kristen and her brother (her "Man of Honor"). Kristen was wiping the tears from her brother's face after having a touching heart to heart.

That moment melted my heart.

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Allison + John :: Shadowbrook - Eatontown, NJ Wedding

After contemplating what to write for this blog post, I've come to the realization that I don't remind myself often enough how lucky I am to have the parents that I have. 

I am lucky to have happily married parents. Having been together for over 30 years they still ... to this day ... enjoy one another's company to the fullest. They hold hands, they travel together, they laugh together, they miss one another. What seems to be (especially to me) simple ordinary things, is not the case for most marriages. It's incredibly disheartening and can easily be seen as an impossible task. Yet, I try and take it as inspiration, as I think everyone should. As a goal to attain ... something to look forward to and not give up on. To one day have that person who you will want to hold hands with everyday, who you will want to travel the world with, who you will miss when you are apart. 

I thought of this because these traits are what I saw in both Allison's and John's parents, who are both still married. For me, it is comforting and encouraging. I am grateful for Allison and John and their parents. Their partnerships inspired me with hope and caused me to realize just how fortunate I am to have grown up with my parents love for one another as a model.

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Win + Shell :: Intimate Wedding :: Winvian - Morris, Ct

If one were to ask me previous to Win + Shell's wedding, "What is an intimate wedding?" I would have most likely said, "a small affair with just the closest friends and family and a very small, or perhaps no, bridal party." Ask me today and I would reply, 'It's not a matter of how many guests you invite or how large or small your bridal party is. It has nothing to do with "head counts". But it has everything to do with meaning. When every detail, every guest, every bridesmaid and groomsmen wholeheartedly mean something, that is when you get intimate. When the love that you share with the person you are about to marry radiates through every detail, every glance at one another, and through candlelit speeches during your reception, that is intimate. 

And that is what Win + Shell created. A ridiculously intimate wedding with over 150 guests, 20+ bridal party members, amazingly intricate details and a love for one another that was so obvious it made my heart burn.

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