Christmas Gift Reunites Friends ~ Jenelle Kappe Photography, New Jersey

I  have recently been reunited with so many old friends through my photography. 

Featured in this post is Lauren and Ali Hehn, two sisters that I use to ride with when we were MUCH younger. It has been at least 15 years since I have seen either one of them. 

Put back in touch through a mutual friend, Lauren gave me a call and asked me to do a barn shoot with her, her sister and both their horses. It was to be a Christmas gift for their Mom and Grandmother. The gorgeous red barn, recently built on her mother's property, was the perfect backdrop for a barn shoot on such a beautiful day. 

Now that Christmas presents have been given out, I can share these pictures with everyone. I am so thankful to be reunited with both Lauren and Ali. It was so much fun hanging out with them and photographing. Hope you girls enjoy!!!

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Megan & Tim ~ Married, 12.18.2010 ~ Newark, NJ Wedding Photographer

This past weekend, I was not only able to witness one of my closest friends (since the 6th grade) marry her best friend, I had the pleasure of photographing her wedding.

It was an indescribable feeling watching Megan walk down the aisle. In all the years that I have known her, I have never ever seen her face radiant with such pure happiness. On her father's arm, she was escorted, past the seemingly endless rows of pews in one of the countries largest, and monumentally renowned churches, set to marry the love of her life, her best friend, and now husband, Tim.

Megan carried a certain glow with her, an aura, that throughout the entire day was undeniably full of love, devotion, commitment, and absolute certainty. I don't know how many times I said to myself, 'She is so happy'.

It's funny, when you go the wedding of one of your best friend's,  you barely get to spend time with them. In your heart, all you want to do is be with that person for their entire day, to experience everything with them and be as much a part of their day as possible. However, we all know that this is not the case, in most instances. You may see them at the ceremony and a few times during the reception. The bride and groom have invited all their closest friends and family members to be a part of, and share their wedding day. Therefore, limiting the amount of time they have to spend with each guest.

There's a reason that I bring this up.

The wedding day has now come and gone, and as I sift through the thousands of pictures, I realize something. I discern, however stressed and nervous I had become about shooting my best friend's wedding, I was there . . . . . . I was there to experience their day with them.  Something that, even our closest friends did not get the chance to experience.

Although I feel this realization is very late on my part, I am beyond honored that Megan had given me a gift, the gift of sharing her entire wedding day with me. For this, Megan, I thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be there and experience what every friend in the world wants to on their best friend's special day!

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