Sami & Reese :: 10.5.11 :: Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Samantha & Reese 

Twice the smiles, twice the hugs,
Twice the troubles, twice the tugs.
Twice the diapers, coos and sighs,
Twice the fun and late night cries.
Two stuffy noses, two first smiles,
Double the joys and double the trials.
Twice the wonder a baby brings,
Twice the feelings that make your heart sing.
Two gifts on one joyous day,
and Double the love sent your way. 

Congratulations Lorin and Shawn. You are blessed with two very beautiful little girls!!!

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  1. ADORABLE!! love the poem! great job, Jenelle!

  2. Beautiful! The final picture on the blog is my favorite! Brings back the most wonderful memories :)

  3. make me want....... to babysit.