Jennifer & Chris :: Chilly Downtown Chicago Engagement Session :: 2.16.13

A downtown Chicago winter engagement session is not the easiest thing to pull off. It's a constant battle of the elements and never knowing just what Mother Nature is going to hand you. However, with amazing clients, plenty of hot tea breaks and a mini session in Lincoln Park's Conservatory, it's more than feasible .. and fun!!

Jennifer & Chris were so great to work with!! As I said it's not easy pretending your warm and comfy with a wind chill of 9ยบ!! Yet, I think they did a pretty amazing job!!

We started out right in the heart of downtown near Michigan Ave, the Chicago theater and the river walk. Taking only a few short breaks at Argo Tea and the Corner Bakery in order to regain feeling in our fingers and toes. :) We then took a short - but very warm - cab ride to the Conservatory to seek a location of some warmth!! The Lincoln Park Conservatory never disappoints  It is so incredibly gorgeous, I absolutely love shooting there!! If you haven't been before, go!! It's well worth the trip .. and free!! Ending the session back outside, we walk around the gardens and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Although it was chilly, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jennifer & Chris and I can't wait for June for their wedding at the Royal Melbourne Country Club in Long Grove, IL!!

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