Rachel & Nate :: Rustic NJ Country Engagement Session :: 2.16.13

Rachel and Nate were AMAZING to work with!! You would never guess that it was barely 40 degrees outside the day of their engagement session.  
The original location that we had chosen, we were quickly asked to leave. Whoops!! But ... as I firmly believe .. everything happens for a reason. I am sure of it. Had we not been asked to leave, we never would have had this gorgeous grass field to work in, nor would we have had the fabulous rustic truck to use as a prop!! Allowing for this phenomenal romantic rustic country engagement session!!

Rachel and Nate are perfect together. I am so glad to have met them and I can NOT wait for their wedding later this year!!

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  1. Jen...this makes me feel wistful. And you know nothing makes me feel wistful.

  2. Such a beautiful location and I love your photos! Where was this session done at?

    1. Hi Christy, Thank you so much for your kind words!! They were an amazing couple to work with!! This session was in NJ. We actually found it randomly on the side of the road near Millstone. It was amazing!!! :)

  3. You very welcome Jenelle! O I bet it was, I'm really inspired by your photos! When I'm home I will have to check out areas near millstone since its pretty close to my parents house. Most of the locations that I found like this are just too far north or south so its been a little hard.