Meg & Dan :: Lincoln Park Engagement Session :: 6.29.12

When Meg and I were brainstorming places for their engagement session, it came up in conversation about two favorite pieces of decor that they each have in their home. Meg's was a stained-glass window that she found in an antique shop a few years ago and Dan's was a family heirloom, an old metal sign that reads, "Hintz Brothers: Funeral, Rugs and Undertaking". She had also mentioned how they loved their backyard. I thought to myself, how perfect would it be to photograph their engagement session entirely at their home?!?! Luckily, both Dan and Meg agreed. 

So we spent a couple hours at their home and had a blast. Their backyard was adorable and their home was the perfect location. Dan was happy he didn't even have to leave the house!! :)

Congratulations Meg & Dan!!

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