Kristin & Broen :: Harbour Island, Bahamas Wedding :: 6.2.12

The moment that we met Broen & Kristin (for the first time in the Bahamas - only a few days before their wedding) I knew that they were going to be an amazing couple to work with. It didn't take long to know that they were head of heals for each other and the perfect match.

The wedding festivities began with a "Meet n' Greet" at the Bimini Cottage of Pink Sands Resort, hosted by Kristin's parents, where guests shared delectable hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and laughs. As the night progressed the kids (the bride & groom and their closest friends) continued the party with a gorgeous bon-fire lounge on the beach, put together by "the amazing" Ben from Little Island Design

The following afternoon Kristin & Broen had a Sandcastle Building contests for all of their guests.  It was great to see the two families and all of their friends working together and having laughs. I was impressed on how elaborate the sandcastles were!! 

That night Broen's parent's hosted the rehearsal dinner at the gorgeous Rock House Hotel. The details that Broen's family put into this dinner was amazing: handmade sailboats, handmade candle holders, place cards etc. Broen's aunt even hand painted the Jolly-Westberg flag from a design that Broen created himself!! 

The wedding day was nothing short of beautiful. Kristin & Broen were stunning!! The floral details of Kristin's dress was amazing and then little touches to Broen's custom-made suit were to die for. He had "Kiss me Kristin" sewn onto the under side of his jacket collar!! How adorable is that?!?! 

The ceremony took place on the beautiful pink sands of Harbour Island. Once again put together by Little Island Design. The reception took place at the Blue Bar of Pinks Sands Resort overlooking the gorgeous pink sands beaches. Halfway through the night the Junkanoo band joined the bride and groom and their guests on the dancefloor. Echoing sounds of cow bells, drums and whistles into the night. 

One of my most memorable moments of the day would be when Broen & Kristin set off the sky lanterns with all of their guests into the mid-night sky. It was breathtakingly gorgoes. I site that can only be witnessed, not explained. 

Without further ado .... the images .... enjoy .... 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!! love the nights shots... just so stunning and magical! oh, and what a gorgeous couple! :)

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