True Winter Wonderland ~ 01.08.2011 ~ Jen & Phil Polito - Syracuse, NY Wedding Photographer

There is nothing like photographing the wedding of two individuals so perfect for each other, that you can not help but smile when you see them together. Jen and Phil have a love and chemistry that is unmistakably real to anyone. It's an entity that I personally, wish upon everyone to experience, at least once, in their lives. 

Jen and Phil are both from Syracuse but met for the first time, three years ago, in NYC, where they both currently live. Call it fate . . . call it destiny. . . call it an act of God . . . call it what you want . . . there is no doubt that they are meant to be together.

It was a true Winter Wonderland; a gorgeous bride, in a gorgeous relationship, at a gorgeous location. I could not have asked for more!!

Congratulations Jen & Phil!! Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!!

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  1. LOVE these, Jenelle!! the snow is awesomely beautiful :)

  2. Amazing pics for an amazing couple!!!!

  3. Amazing!! Absoutely amazing!!! These pictures are beautiful Janelle. You did a wonderful job and I am very grateful to you for that. I see why Jen chose you:)

  4. INCREDIBLE, these photos have far beyond surpassed all of my expectations. I can not thank you enough for capturing our wedding. These photos are EXACTLY what I was hoping for and I am in love with all of them thank you so so so very much!