Erica + Tara :: Same Sex Marriage :: Southampton, NY Asbury Park, NJ

During their reception, I remember Tara mentioning how the most difficult part was getting the courage to tell her Grandmother that her and Erica were getting married. But that when she told her, she congratulated them immediately and was elated for them. It burned my heart and made me cry tears of joy to hear this. To have that unwavering support from family, makes my heart sing. 

It's obvious the love that these two ladies have for another.  The shared soft smiles ... the simple gestures ... the comforting embraces. The devotion and ever challenging love that they share is incredible. 

I have a very special place in my heart for documenting same sex weddings. The couples fight so hard and take such a strong stand for their love, that they are inspirational to me.

They are in it, because their hearts are in it. And I think that makes all the difference. 

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