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This past weekend I had the honor of photographing another wedding on Harbour Island. A tiny beautiful island in the Bahamas. The day before the wedding, while visiting the quaint local Coco Coffee House for a delicious Soy Chai Tea Latte (T.Y.S.), Ryan (the owner) informed us of a Fashion Show that was taking place on Sunday in front of Miss Mae's. After giving us a brief synopsis of the event, I immediately bought a ticket! 

The Fashion Show and Sale Fundraiser was put together to raise funds to aid Space 2 Create, a non-profit summer day camp for the youth of Harbour Island. Space 2 Create was started 8 years ago with the mission to enhance the academic, artistic and character development of the local children. Allowing them, not only the space to create,  but also promoting the importance of preserving the cultural and ecological heritage of their islands, addressing social and environmental issues and encouraging community cohesion. 

I laughed. I cried. I was inspired.  
I was moved by the courage and passion the founders of this camp possess. 

I feel the world today is loosing sight of the importance that art and education has on today's youth. With so many electives and extracurricular activities being cancelled and no longer offered, the children of today don't have that escape. They loose that "space to create". The ability to let go and express themselves. The chance to dream. The encouragement to go further and push themselves. For me, this weighs heavy on my heart. If it weren't for the electives and extracurricular activities offered to me (and parents that pushed me to pursue my dream - when most would say "you could never make a living being a photographer") I wouldn't be where I am today. 

Could you imagine a world with no artists? 
Could you imagine the impact that this could have on the sanity of the creative soul?!?!

With islands of plastic that are floating around the oceans with little to no recognition by everyday people, the world as we know it is being threatened. With simple acts of recycling, using less plastic and buying reusable water containers further contamination can be prevented. But without education and the people as a community taking a stand and making an adjustment in the way we live, nothing will change and we will continue to weaken this earth. 

"Out of Sight Out of Mind" is a saying that makes me cringe. However, it has some truth. It's easy to forget and/or not consider the impact that we have on the earth today. We don't have an island of garbage in our homes, in our bathtubs or in our pools. So for us, we feel as if we are not directly affected. But we are. Everyone is. This isn't a localized problem in the Bahamas. This is a problem world-wide. The best way to get word out is through programs such as these.

For that - I commend the founders of Space 2 Create. For taking a powerful stand in your island's and children's future. 


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