Jimmy & Erin :: Engagement Session :: McHenry County, IL

When I first met Jimmy & Erin, we quickly became friends and we have now known each other for quite some time. Due to my insanely busy schedule and traveling between NJ, Chicago-land and beyond, I don't get to spend as much time socializing with friends like Jimmy & Erin. There can be a certain level of intimidation when photographing people that are close to you. However, it seems to be that once the camera and I blend into their surroundings the intimidation is gone and I'm then able to see them as only they see one another. In this particular instance, photographing Jimmy & Erin showed me a side of them that I hadn't had the pleasure to experience yet. 

It is so refreshing to be given the opportunity to shut off the world for a few hours and just hang out with a couple. It really shows you the intensity of a relationship and intimacy that they share with one another. Not to mention the laughter. I haven't laughed and giggled during an engagement session as I did during theirs in a very long time. 

Jimmy + Erin first met at the Norge Ski Jump in Fox River Grove, so it would naturally be fitting to shoot the first portion of their engagement session there. Not only being sentimental to Jimmy & Erin, it lent for a fabulous backdrop! The rest of the session took us to Veteran Acres Park, one of my personal favorite places.

As I am sure you can see, they are ridiculously adorable together!! So meant to be!! I am so glad that I have been given the chance to capture their love for one another. Erin's irresistible happiness and infectious laughter is sure to warm your heart and bring a smile to any face.

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