Barbara + Allen :: Monmouth County Wedding Photographer :: Engagement Session

This is Barbara and Allen. They are adorable beyond words and so fabulous to work with!! 

Their engagement session could not have come (ironically) at a more perfect time. I was having a horrible day that day, specifically about 45 min right before their session. Horrible enough that I actually thought to myself ... I hope this doesn't ruin my "mojo". I am not going to lie, I was worried. Lucky me .. I LOVE my job, I LOVE my clients and I thrive off of shooting, especially these two. Photographing them that night was therapy for me. I needed it, I loved it and I am so glad that it was with these two precious love birds!! 

I don't believe my "mojo" was hindered in any way. If anything it was enhanced! But you can take a look for yourself and let me know. 

Barbara and Allen are getting married later this year at The Water Witch Clubhouse in Monmouth Hills. Holy Jeebus I can not wait for their wedding!! 

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  1. Beautiful couple...where is that tree that grows diamond rings?