Jess & Bill :: Maternity Session :: 2.23.13

People often refer to pregnant woman having that "glow". More often than not, they are referring to the Mom-to-be's skin being clearer or looking healthier. Jess, without a doubt, has this pregnancy glow. Yet, it's not due to her skin being any clearer or her looking any healthier, for she has always looked incredibly healthy with flawless skin. The glow that I saw in Jess was strictly from pure happiness. I have always known Jess to be a happy person, but the afternoon that I spent with her and Bill, she was beaming. Her smile never left her face.  

It was amazing to work with Jess and Bill and have the opportunity to document such an important mile marker in their lives. I am so happy for them both and I can NOT wait to meet their little Billy!!!

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  1. Love love LOVE them all!! You're wonderful Jenelle!