Caitlin & Paulie :: Washington Square Park, NYC Engagement Session :: 9.16.12

It was a bright and early rise for Caitlin and Paulie's NYC morning engagement session - and well worth it!! They were absolutely amazing to work with. We had so many laughs and they are adorable together!!

Washington Square Park was our starting point, which ended up being wonderfully empty, with hardly any people. Then we walked around the city a bit,  finding some amazing spots and street art and then stopped by Caitlin's old apartment where Paulie had proposed. 

Our final stop was Cafe Habana, an absolute favorite breakfast spot of Caitlin and Paulie's and where they went right after they got engaged. For the record ... it's delicious, I highly recommend!! It's a belief of mine that Mexican flavor and breakfast are just meant-to-be!! 

I can NOT wait until next September to be able to work with these two again!! 

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  1. Jenelle, I am speechless. These are incredible. Thank you so much - what an amazing day we had. I will never forget it. You know I can't wait for September!

  2. I LOVE these photos. You really captured the Paulie and Cait we all know and love!

  3. Wow, this pictures are amazing. And I can't believe there was no one who from the public that ended up in any of the pictures in the park - QUITE an accomplishment in the city!

    1. Thank you Andrea!! It was right after sunset and a weekend ... so that helped immensely!! :)