Lincoln Park Chicago Engagement Session :: Lisa & Dan :: 1.14.12

Lisa & Dan are absolutely AMAZING!!! Their engagement shoot was planned last minute after a recent snow storm in Chicago. I knew I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous snow covered city and they were (thankfully) willing to fight the brisk Chicago weather with me. 
Numb fingers .... Frozen toes ... red noses .... snow covered clothes ... and all!! 

We started at a local bar, Victory, where the couple had first met and then headed to the beautiful Lincoln Park. We stopped at the Lincoln Park Conservatory for a warm up and quick indoor photo session and then headed back out to Millennium Park, where Dan had proposed to Lisa. 

Working with Lisa & Dan was beyond a pleasure. Since this was our first time meeting, I informed them, in the very beginning, of my style and approach to photographing: I like to allow the couple to naturally interact. When I find an area that appeals to me I will ask them to stand there and talk amongst each other ... they can kiss, they can hug, they can laugh .... they can do whatever they would like to do. I told them I only direct if I am not happy with what I am getting. Fortunately, with these two, I rarely had to direct!! I LOVE THAT!!! I love when couples are so comfortable and in love with each other that they naturally show passionate emotion. 

I have only known Lisa & Dan and very short while, but they are truly meant to be and I am so happy to have met them. 

Thank you so much for bearing with me in the freezing Chicago weather!!

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  1. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the last shot, it's so unique and genuine. the ring is absolutely gorgeous and i love the shot of it on the tree. the conservatory looks like the garden of eden!

    1. Thank You Megan!! I love her ring too - it's so beautiful!! And the Conservatory was SO amazing to photograph in!!