Colts Neck, NJ Wedding :: Liz & Colin :: 8.27.11

You may remember Liz and Colin from their amazing Seaside Engagement pictures that I photographed earlier this year. It still stands, by far, as one of my favorite Engagement Sessions!! They are such an amazing couple to photograph. Which is why I knew, when I heard about Hurricane Irene hitting the Jersey Shore Saturday afternoon (the day of Liz & Colin’s wedding) that no matter what the end result of the day was, it would be amazing and we would all make the best of it.  As we all did.

Even though their reception was cancelled and their wedding day did not run as planned, Liz & Colin took it all in stride and carried nothing but smiles the day of their wedding. 

The ceremony was held a few hours earlier than planned at the quaint Colts Neck Reform Church in Colts Neck, NJ. It is the cutest church and, unexpectedly, the perfect place for taking photos on a rainy day! With a gorgeous little staircase and beautiful columns outside the church, we could have spent hours there.  Unfortunately, the weather was rapidly getting worse and Liz & Colin had had their close friends, family and guests that made it to their ceremony waiting for them to have dinner at a Restaurant in Toms River. So we parted ways and had talked about possibly doing a Day After Session with just the Bride and Groom.

Sunday night Liz called me and asked if I would be up for shooting a Day After Session early Monday morning before they flew out for their honeymoon Monday night. Of course!!! I highly recommend Day After Sessions to anyone and everyone that is getting married. You not only have the benefit of shooting anywhere that you would like to, but there is no strict schedule to follow. You can take your time and just have fun!! A Day After Session was just what they needed!!

Liz & Colin love the beach, so we crossed our fingers and headed out to Pt. Pleasant bright and early Monday morning.  We were not only hoping that we were able to get there, but that when we got there, there would be enough beach and limited destruction so that we were actually able to do the shoot. Be luck or a gift, it was an amazing session!! It was not only a beautifully perfect day, with a warming sun and a cool breeze, but there was very minimal damage to the beach and boardwalk.

We could not have asked for a better morning. And had it not been for "Irene", Liz & Colin would never have the images I captured that morning.  For that, Irene, I thank you.  Life works in mysterious ways sometimes . . . . but somehow it always works.

Congratulations Liz & Colin. You are an inspiration to many!! I know that it was not as you had pictured your wedding day being, but you kept your heads high. You proved to all that all that really matters is the love you have for each other and that you will now live your lives together, forever, as husband and wife.

Special Thank You to Jacqui for sticking through the wind and rain and second shooting for me!!! You got some amazing shots!! :)
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  1. AMAZING!! I love so many of them... but especially the last one! Beautiful! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple.