Greg & Merissa's Album

I had the amazing pleasure to photograph Greg & Merissa's wedding this past summer. I was honored when I was asked by Kathy, Greg's mother, to photograph her son's wedding. Merissa and Greg did an amazing job creating a very intimate backyard wedding with their closest friends and family.
After a long wait, I am finally finished designing their album, and ready to show the bride groom for their approval. It is my very first wedding album that I designed, so, needless to say, it took a little longer than expected. But, it is designed and I am happy with it. Now, I just need the bride and groom's vote and any changes or additions they desire.

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  1. Wow Jenelle, how beautiful! The last page is my favorite, well worth the wait. And I love the ones in the beginning with the bride's details. Can't wait for my album!!! :D

  2. i love love love the pictures against the wood house! that whole page is amazing. great job jenellie!

  3. beautiful album! I too, love the wood cabin pics. great work, jenelle!

  4. Jenelle these are beautiful. My favorite one is the one that shows them standing side by side with their hands folded and just their hips down... I think it looks awesome.
    Love, G